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Andy Goldsworthy

Of all the ‘alternate’ artists I know, Andy Goldsworthy is perhaps the most famous. I first came to know of his work during a short visit to the Museum of Modern Art store in NYC. His book  ‘A Collaboration with Nature‘ was on display, and I was in awe as soon as I flipped the cover.  

Andy produces site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He only uses natural and found objects to create both temporary and permanent sculptures. There is tons of info on his wikipedia page and his official website.

(The image above is embedded from Andy Goldwater’s official website)

Anamorphic Pavement Drawings

Julian Beever is a Belgium-based chalk artist who creates drawings on pavement with chalk. They are ‘anamorphic’ because these drawings give a distorted projection and a 3-dimensional perspective. See for yourself on his official website and wikipedia page.

The image above is from Julian Beever’s official website pavement drawings page. You can find other amazing photos there.

Latte Art

This was another one of the random emails people forward unrepentantly. Latte Art refers to patterns made in the foam topping espresso drinks. Making good coffee is an art in iteself, but apparently this niche community has been thriving around the world. There are how-to articles, World Latte-Art Champions, and what not. 

Latte Art by S.CallaghanLatteArtExample2

Latte Art by S.Callaghan

(The photo above was taken from Scottie Callaghan’s flickr photoset.)

My paintings

Some of my infrequent attempts at amateur charcoal and watercolor paintings.

Calvin & Hobbes (Watercolor, 1 Jan 2004)

Calvin & Hobbes (Watercolor, 1 Jan 2004)

Focus (Charcoal, 06 Feb 2001)

Focus (Charcoal, 06 Feb 2001)