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Inner Life of a Cell

I wish we had multimedia biology education back in medical school. If you ever wondered what the inside of the cell looked and did, watch the “Inner Life of a Cell” animation at Harvard University’s Multimedia Production Site (preferably the full audio version). The site is maintained by ‘BioVisions’, a collaborative community of Harvard scientists, teaching faculty, students, and multimedia professionals.

I am still reeling from it’s aftereffects. But even if you haven’t studied biology, this will blow your mind. Very, very cool.

Mercedes A-to-S

The A-to-S¬†website¬†of Mercedes-Benz is a great example of interactive marketing in style. Although it’s essentially a commercial for their product line, it hardly feels that way while you cruise through the site. There is apt mix of mystery, elegance and creativity here- you need to experience it for yourself.