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Two recent examples have helped me create a more clear position on how to deal with the present/future in which technology is always-changing our world (culturally).

  • Socrates, and his disciple Plato were vehemently against writing. Putting ideas, knowledge down as texts. They argued that it’ll have adverse effects.
  • Episode 642 of Planet Money talked about how initial automated elevators were thought of as ‘killing machines’ because there was ‘no one driving it’. That is how some of us may think of self-driving cars today.

Both of these show that we, as living-in-the-present humans, have limited capacity to see permanency of mega-trends, and tend to lean by default towards the negative aspects of it. The truth may be that fundamental, paradigm-shifts are inevitable and the socio-cultural norms rearrange themselves around the new status quo, making old assumptions and expectations invalid.