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It’s not something one must do. It’s something one must not be afraid of doing, if need arises. Often we get so mired in doing things the same way that we stop imagining that there may be a better way of doing it. Everything (and I mean everything) can be improved. Here are some interesting examples that really surprised me when I first heard of them:

  • RevoPower: Practically re-inventing the wheel. I heard of them in 2007 through a Popular Science article. Basically, they incorporated a 25cc two-stroke gas-powered engine and gears within the front wheel of a bicycle. It claimed to be installable on any bicycle within 15 minutes, and get over 200 miles per gallon at a top speed of 20 mph. Fact that they went out of business in 2009 has nothing to do with my point here. I remember them as an example of rethinking something very basic and taken-for-granted.
  • Knork: Saw it on ‘Big Idea Show‘ hosted by Danny Deutsch (link to episode on youtube). Simple idea about combining a knife and a fork. My first reaction was “..hasnt that been done already?”. Well, now it has been. And with a patent.
  • Dyson Air Multiplier: That’s a fancy name for a fan. Deserving too, because this one doesn’t have any blades or grille.